Self-Directed Player Development

Dear Cavalry Youth players and members of the community,

The technical component of soccer (the ability of a player to manage the ball individually) is very important to the proper progression of the player. It is vital that young players develop a relationship with the ball! If this relationship is not developed by the time a player enters their early teens, there will be major limitations in the ability of that player to progress beyond a certain point. The demands of sophisticated tactical play will be beyond them because they will not trust their feet enough to execute the requirements.

As with most things in life, the only way to significantly improve a skill is to train every day. This is especially true for soccer as it relates to technical skill. As little as 15 minutes of technical work each day will go a long way!

Below are links to several videos that will show you how you can QUICKLY and EASILY IMPROVE on your own, in your driveway, yard, at a nearby park, etc. You don’t need fancy training setups! In most cases a ball and a wall/fence will do the trick. And remember, training with a friend or sibling can be fun!

Cavalry players… be on the lookout for periodic communication from your coaches referring to these videos. But no need to wait… you can get started on your own right now!